Phoenix - Lisztomania

For all that’s been said about Phoenix’s official video being the lesser of the two when compared to the Breakfast Club mashup video for the song, I actually prefer this one. They’ve come a long way since Roman Coppola’s “Funky Squaredance” video, which might be The Worst Music Video of All Time. Anyway: this is still my favorite song to come out this year.

Au contraire. “Funky Squaredance” is unstoppably badass.


Who are these long-haired hippies and what the HELL have they done to today’s youth?


The Beatles - “All My Loving”

On September 9, 2009, the Beatles will be reintroduced to America with the remastering and rerelease of their entire catalog.  This date also marks the release of The Beatles: Rock Band.

Each album will feature the track listings and artwork as it was originally released in the U.K. and come with expanded booklets including original and newly written liner notes and rare photos.

With all of the likely hype that is about to happen over the next couple of days, we at Tuneage would like to remind you of how it all began.  The above video is the Beatles first appearance on American television which occurred on February 9, 1964 on the Ed Sullivan Show.

Dorian Concept - FM4 Soundpark Studio2 Session (via radioFM4)

Dorian Concept shows off his musical range in this studio session from a German radio station. If you’re not up on him, he’s a glitchy hip-hop producer but on this video, he shows that he’s much more versatile than just being a forerunner in his experimental style of beat making.

The first thing I found so cool about this is his performing with a live drummer, giving it that improvisational-jazz type feeling off the get go. In the first track, “Past 2,” Dorian Concept starts out on his electronic keyboard and knobs, creating an atmospheric pulse that the drummer tries to groove with. But then all of a sudden, he gets right on that good ol’ fashioned baby grand and starts riffing. The drummer obviously gets a much better hold of the beat, and they continue with that ‘til the end of the track. Awesome.

The second track, “Two Hour Power,” is the more prototypical Dorian Concept. Tension-filled, wobbly, wavy electronic keys and lots of knob-twisting. But again, the addition of the live drummer adds an element to the music that takes it much beyond the typical electronic-music performance and into a futuristic-but-classical realm of jazz-fusion and hip-hop beats.