Robert Glasper - “Dillatude #2” (Blue Note, 2012)

The live instrument covers, tributes, odes, and Dilla-themed tracks from the likes of The Roots and Robert Glasper never cease to amaze me… super heavy, deep stuff. Here’s a new, extended Glasper/Dilla jams and it rides out so nice. A magical medley of breathtaking stuff.

Hit the 2:45 mark as Glasper and Co. break into a rendition of the Stereolab/”Come Play In the Milky Night”-sampled beat that Dilla gave to Busta Rhymes, "Show Me What You Got." Straight-up goosebump/chills kind of stuff.

ERIMAJ - “Nothing Like This” (Don’t Cry Recordings, 2012)

NYC-based ERIMAJ does a real nice cover of J Dilla’s “Nothing Like This”. Led by drummer Jamire Williams, the group ERIJAM (Jamire spelled backwards - get it?) consists of some real dope musicians including Vicente Archer (Robert Glasper) and Chris Turner (Bilal). Watch out for Jamire, the ERIJAM sound, and the the soon-to-be released album Conflict of a Man.

What finally made him see, he says, was the passing of J Dilla, the revered hip-hop producer, on February 10, 2006. They’d just talked on the phone, D’Angelo says, when suddenly, J Dilla was gone at 32 after a long battle with lupus. It was like a blinding light had been switched on. Why did so many black artists die so young? He’d been haunted by this thought for years. Marvin. Jimi. Biggie. “I felt like I was going to be next. I ain’t bullshitting. I was scared then,” he says, recalling how shame engulfed him, preventing him from attending the funeral. “I was so fucked-up, I couldn’t go.”

Ray J - “Let It Go” (J Dilla Remix V1) (Unreleased, 1996)

#DILLAMONTH is officially on. To commemorate and celebrate the life of James Yancey (and the re-launch of Bling 47!), the incomparable Waajeed has dropped a couple unreleased Dilla gems, some very cool personal stories, and video tributes featuring DJ Dez and DJ Amir.

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